Wild Things Rescue officially started in 2016 and was named Weetabix’s Wildlife after a little blind hedgehog who stole our hearts. We changed our name to Wild Things Rescue later in the year and quickly went from strength to strength. We made links with other rescues all over the country and experts in the field.

In 2018 we became a community interest company, with the intention of using our new structure to raise funds and expand the rescue. Unfortunately, this structure was limiting and we finally took the leap and became a registered charity in 2020.

Wild Things Rescue operates a fostering system which covers the vast majority of Lincolnshire. We strive to always make decisions in the best interest of the individual animal. We have fosterers who specialise in birds of prey, hedgehogs and rabbits!

Our ultimate goal is to have a dedicated wildlife rescue centre within Lincolnshire. One with on site vets and large pre release enclosures and an area for x-rays and minor surgeries. We’re dreaming big but we will get there!