Bird of Prey Meal Ticket

Our Birds of Prey have a varied diet including day old chick, mice, rats and quail. We try our best to keep their diet as close to their wild diet as possible. Many of our Birds of Prey come in quite skinny and require a fair bit of feeding up before they are returned to the wild. Your meal ticket will go towards ensuring they are fed the best quality food.

Hedgehog Meal Ticket

Your donation will help to feed one hedgehog for a week! Our hedgehogs are fed on dry cat food, wet cat food, chicks, puppy mousse or puppy milk. It all depends on their age. Young hedgehogs are much more expensive to feed per week, around £15 a week! Adults are slightly cheaper as they don’t need the expensive puppy mousse or milk.

Lunch for a Lagomorph (Rabbit/Hare)

Rabbits and Hares require fresh vegetables and hay when they come in to care. They are also quite tricky (not to mention expensive!) to hand rear. They have a very sensitive gut system so we make sure they get daily probiotics and any gut medication they may need.

Pigeon/Garden Bird Meal Ticket

Pigeons and Garden Birds both require quite a bit of seed! As you can imagine we get through it quite quickly, especially when we have birds in from a very young age and they are then soft released and support fed. Your meal ticket will go towards buying a bag of seed to keep our feathered friends well fed!

Treat a sick animal

Many of the animals that come into our care need some kind of medication to feel better. Often that includes a course of antibiotics to fight infections and pain killers to make them feel more comfortable. Unfortunately there is no wildlife NHS and all medications have to be paid for. Some of our patients require a couple of treatments before they’re well again!