I have to admit this website has been neglected. We focus a lot of our effort on Facebook as this is where most people find us and we’re able to interact with our followers. We’d like to add a bit more to our website over the coming months so it’d be great to hear the kinds of things you’d like to see.

The last few months have been really crazy. We’ve stopped seeing baby birds coming in (pigeons aren’t included in this…there are ALWAYS baby pigeons) and started seeing more and more hedgehogs come in. This time of year is always a little odd. Hedgehogs breed twice a year, the first litters have left the nest and it’s around this time of year we see those who are struggling without mum. We’re seeing loads of hedgehogs with worm burdens and a surprising number with ringworm. Ringworm can be tricky to treat and takes quite a while.

As you can see, this young man has lost most of the fur on his face and a lot on his tummy. He’s also missing patches of his spines. He’s having a spray treatment every 48 hours as well as an oral medication once a day. He’s not impressed AT ALL by the medication so we’re coming up with tricks to get him to take it.

This week we’ve also admitted a Little Owl who has suffered a head injury. At the moment she’s not eating for herself so she’s being support fed. As grumpy as Little Owl’s are, she’s being quite tolerant, which is not necessarily a good thing. On the day of her admit, her pupils were difference sizes and this can indicate a head injury. This coupled with her docile behaviour is a bit of a worry, but she’s becoming a little more feisty each day. Currently she’s on anti-inflammatory medication, supportive fluids and support feeds.

We’ve also moved our latest group of wood pigeons into their pre-release pens. We have a total of 10 wood pigeons getting ready for release. Woodie’s take much longer than feral pigeons to learn to feed so their stay in rehab is much longer than that of a feral. Wood pigeons are particularly stressy too, which makes the whole process much harder, but we’re getting there. Just as these 10 have moved into their aviary, we’ve had hatchlings brought in. It feels like a constant conveyor belt of pigeons, but we do love them! They all have such personality.

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